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Customizing the Desktop Background
Customizing the Desktop Background
The desktop is a pretty simple part of Windows. Normally you can’t do much to
customize it besides changing the wallpaper. This section shows you how you
can go further by utilizing some new wallpaper features in Windows 8—such
as automatic wallpaper changing and desktop gadgets.
Automatically Rotate Your Wallpaper
It seems as though this feature should have been in Windows many releases
ago, but Microsoft has finally integrated an automatic wallpaper switcher into
Windows. You can select a number of background images to use and an interval
between changing the images. After the interval is hit you will see a smooth
fade effect as the desktop background changes.
Configure multiple background images in the same place as you normally
change your background. To get started, follow these steps:
1. Right-click your desktop background and select Personalize.
2. Click Desktop Background near the bottom of the window.
3. By default you will see solid colors that you can pick from. Change the
Picture Location box to Windows Desktop Backgrounds or click Browse
to select a custom image.
4. After you indentify the images you want to use, hover over each one and
click the checkbox as shown in Figure 7-8. Repeat this for every other
image you want to use.
5. When you have two or more images checked, the Change Picture Every
drop-down list becomes activated. There you can set the change picture
interval between 10 seconds and once a day.
6. Click Save Changes.
Desktop Gadgets
The Windows Sidebar gadgets that first appeared in Windows Vista and then
became sidebar-less in Windows 7 have been completely removed from Windows 8.
I was a big fan of desktop gadgets because I felt they provided power users an
easy method to customize their desktop and surface interesting information.
CPU utilization, memory utilization, and bandwidth utilization were just some
of the gadgets on my desktop.
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