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Customizing the Desktop Background
Figure 7-8: Personalize your desktop background.
For Windows 8 you have to turn to third-party utilities to provide the same
functionality. I have found a popular utility called Rainmeter to be the perfect
replacement for the Windows Sidebar gadgets, and, in fact, it is much more
powerful than the previous Windows native platform.
In the Rainmeter world gadgets are called skins. Anyone can write skins,
but it is much easier to download any of the thousands of premade skins. The
Rainmeter ecosystem is much larger than that of the old desktop gadgets. It is
easy to find a gadget with the function and look that you want.
To get started, head over to Rainmeter’s website at and
download and install the latest copy of Rainmeter. For this section I am going
to assume that you selected the standard install option. I do not recommend
using the portable install option.
Working with Skins
After Rainmeter is installed you will see the default skin layout called illustro, as
shown in Figure 7-9. You can customize each skin object by dragging it around
on the screen and also by right-clicking it. If you want to close an object,
rightclick it and select Unload Skin.
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