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Customizing the Desktop Background
Figure 7-9: Use this default Rainmeter skin layout to learn about customization options.
Some objects have more than one view setting. You can right-click an object
and navigate the Variants menu to switch among them. You can also tweak the
other settings on the right-click Settings menu option.
The illustro skin set includes more skins, or gadgets, than are displayed by
default. That is common for any skins that you download as well. To display
additional available skin objects, right-click the Rainmeter icon in the notification
tray by the clock. Follow these steps to add additional skins that have already
been installed on your computer:
1. Locate the Rainmeter icon in the notification tray near the system clock.
The icon looks like a drop of water and may be hidden in the overflow
section as shown in FigureĀ 7-10.
2. Right-click the Rainmeter icon and expand the Skins menu.
3. Navigate through your installed skins; by default, only illustro will be
4. Select the skin item you want to add and then the specific .ini file; for
example illustro, Network, and then Network.ini.
5. Your new skin will be displayed and you can move and tweak it as
indicated previously.
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