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Customizing the Desktop Background
Figure 7-10: The Rainmeter icon displays in the notification area.
Downloading More Skins
Rainmeter has thousands of custom skins and layout sets that will help you
dramatically customize the look of your desktop. The default illustro skin has a
nice look, but you are not taking full advantage of Rainmeter if you don’t check
out the other skins available. I personally use the Omnimo 5.0 skin on my PC; it
has a modern look to it that its in well with Windows 8, as shown in Figure 7-11.
You can download the Omnimo 5.0 skin at .
You can find additional skins, layout sets, and add-ons on a number of sites.
The following list is a collection of the best places to download more Rainmeter
Rainmeter Discover
After you download a skin or layout set, just double-click the .rmskin file and
Rainmeter will enable you to install the skin.
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