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Downloading More Themes
addition, Windows 8 includes special large mouse cursors so that the cursors
will be easier on the eyes.
To get your cursors set perfectly for your theme file, follow these steps:
1. Open the Start screen, type main.cpl , and press Enter to open Mouse Properties.
2. Click the Pointers tab.
3. You have two options to customize the cursors. You can use the drop-down
Scheme box to change all the pointers simultaneously to different styles by
selecting a different cursor scheme from the list, as shown in Figure 8-3.
When you select the different schemes, all the cursors change automatically.
Alternatively, if you do not like the cursor schemes, you can individually select
a cursor from the Customize list by scrolling through the list and selecting
the cursor you want to change. Then click the Browse button to change it.
4. When you have finished customizing your cursors, just click OK, and you
are finished.
Now you are ready to move on to customizing the visual style that the theme
will use.
Figure 8-3: Change the pointer scheme.
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