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Making the Desktop Interface Touch Friendly
8. Navigate to the new file you saved, right-click, and select Open With and
then Personalization CPL. This loads the file with the theme browser on
the Personalization screen.
9. If your edits were successful, you should get an Apply Theme message
asking you to Subscribe to RSS Feed. Click Download Attachments to
process all images on the feed as shown in Figure 8-5.
10. The images in the feed will be downloaded in a few minutes and applied
as your background. The RSS background feed is now set up and should
update once a day.
If several minutes pass after the interval you set and the background still
does not change, chances are there is a problem with your RSS feed.
Figure 8-5: RSS feed background image download
Making the Desktop Interface Touch Friendly
The new Metro style side of Windows 8 works perfectly with touch because it
was designed with touch in mind from the start. Using the desktop interface on
a touch device is often frustrating and slow. Desktop apps were designed for a
keyboard and mouse, and using touch is much less accurate and can result in
you selecting or clicking on the wrong item.
The majority of the usability problems of the desktop are caused by the size
of the items you need to work with. They are just too small. An easy way to
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