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Supersize the Interface
make the desktop interface more touch friendly is to make the most common
elements you interact with on the desktop larger.
Supersize the Interface
The best method to increase the size of the interface in Windows 8 is to increase
the size of the fonts. That will make all of the touch targets larger as the fluid
interface adjusts to it the larger font size. Changing the font size is a little
different in Windows 8. Follow these steps:
1. Right-click the desktop and select Screen Resolution.
2. Select Make Text And Other Items Smaller Or Larger near the bottom of
the screen.
3. Select Medium or Larger to change the size of all items. Alternatively, you
can tweak the font size of specific items using the setting on the bottom
of the screen as shown in Figure 8-6.
4. Click Apply.
Figure 8-6: Adjusting interface font sizes
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