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Changing the Look of Windows 8 Via WindowBlinds
have a few visual styles downloaded, you are ready to configure your computer
to use them:
1. Visit and download the latest version of UxStyle for
Windows 8.
2. After you have the utility installed, it is best to reboot your computer
and then check your list of services (run services.msc) for the Unsigned
Themes and ensure it is started.
3. Next, you are ready to install a visual style that you downloaded
earlier. Copy the .theme and corresponding files or folder to c:\Windows\
4. Right-click your desktop and select Personalize.
5. Scroll down to the Installed Themes section and select the theme that you
just copied to the Themes folder. After a few seconds, your theme should
be applied.
Now I’m going to show you another way to change the look without using
hacked visual styles.
Changing the Look of Windows 8 Via WindowBlinds
Before visual styles were a part of Windows, the only method to change the
way Windows looked was to use a utility from Stardock called WindowBlinds.
When it first came out, it transformed the boring gray interface of Windows into
an attractive and colorful experience. Now that Windows includes its own
skinning engine, products like WindowBlinds seem less necessary. So, why am I
even mentioning this app? Because the Microsoft engine will run only skins
digitally signed from Microsoft unless you use a utility to get around the
limitation. Additionally, the quality of visual styles available for WindowBlinds is
typically higher than the hacked visual styles available.
Using WindowBlinds is much easier than using hacked visual styles. Just
download and install a copy from
Then just select the style you want to use when running.
You can always change your skin back to the default Windows 8 look if you
do not like any of the skins offered by WindowBlinds. If you want more skins,
the next section is for you!
Adding More Skins for WindowBlinds
WindowBlinds has a strong skin base of thousands of skins that are easy to
install. You can find them at the Stardock-operated site called WinCustomize.
To get started, visit for a list of all skins available.
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