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Chapter 9
Fine-Tuning File Explorer
You can customize many of the components and features of the updated File
Explorer to make your Windows experience even better. This chapter shows
you how you can customize Explorer and how to take advantage of some of the
lesser-known features. It begins by showing you how you can customize the
layout of the new Explorer interface. By the end of this chapter, you will have
completely customized the Explorer features that enable you to browse through
and create files on your computer.
Customizing Windows Layout
Explorer in Windows 8 includes various new ribbons and panes, such as Details,
Preview, and Navigation, that provide a wealth of information that might change
the way you use File Explorer. By default, most panels are turned on, which
gives a cluttered feeling to the Explorer interface. Personally, I like to get rid of
the panes that I don’t use to speed up and streamline my File Explorer windows.
In addition to the new panels, Explorer includes many other new features, such
as the Favorites section, Libraries, Search, and of course, the ribbon. These next
few sections show you how you can customize all of these.
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