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Customizing Panes
Adding and Removing Favorite Links
You can manage your Favorite Links section in two different ways. The easiest
is simply to drag and drop folders and save searches onto the Favorites section
to add them to the list. You can then remove items by right-clicking them in
the list and selecting Remove. Alternatively, you can navigate to the Favorite
Links folder that is located at C:\Users\Username\Links. There, you can easily
copy and paste multiple folders or shortcuts at once to be added to the Favorite
Links section.
I like to drag my hard drives into the Favorites section so I can quickly jump
to them when needed.
Removing the Navigation Pane
If you want to have a super clean interface and have no use for the Favorite
Links and Folders sections, you can easily remove the entire pane from view.
Follow these steps to disable this view:
1. While a folder is open and showing the Navigation pane, click the View
tab to open the View ribbon.
2. Click the Navigation Pane button and then Navigation Pane on the menu
to remove the entire left-hand pane.
When you close the active window, the changes are saved to the Registry.
Enabling Automatic Tree Expansion
As you navigate through folders on your PC, you can configure the Navigation
pane to automatically display the current location in tree view. This helps you
understand where the folder is located and also enables you to easily jump to
a parent folder a few levels up.
Follow these steps to enable this feature:
1. Click the View tab.
2. Click the Navigation Pane button.
3. Click Expand To Open Folder.
The Details Pane
The Details pane, located at the right of the Explorer window, provides
information on any file or folder that you select. Similar to the classic status bar in
Explorer, the Details pane displays common information (such as the size of a
file), but goes beyond that by also showing many other file settings. If you select
an image, it displays a thumbnail preview as well as the date it was taken, tags,
your star rating, dimensions, file size, title, author, and even the camera model.
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