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Tweaking Search
The Details pane has proven to be a valuable source of information that
can really help you tag and rate your personal documents, images, and music.
Without the Details pane, setting all these values would be much more difficult.
Now that you know what the Details pane offers, you can enable or disable
it on the View tab. Just click the Details Pane button to display or hide it.
The Preview Pane
The Preview pane is the one pane that is turned off by default in most folders
but can be very useful for browsing through an image collection or screening
your MP3 files. When you are browsing through your music collection and
select an MP3 file, the Preview pane shows a picture of the song’s album and
mini-audio controls to play and sample the song. When you select an image
file, a large thumbnail of the photo is displayed.
Some files even display their contents in the Preview pane. Select a text file
or a Word document to view a sample of what is inside the file. Make sure that
you have Microsoft Office installed to enable previews of Office documents.
Unfortunately, you can’t customize much on this pane. You can adjust the
width by clicking and dragging the left border left or right when the Preview
pane is turned on. Turn it on and off by clicking the View tab and then click
the Preview Pane button.
Microsoft hopes that, over time, more companies will write preview filters
that work with Explorer so that you can see their file content previewed on the
Preview pane.
Tweaking Search
One of the most useful new features in Windows 8 is the Search box that is in
every Explorer window and many other applications. This Search box enables
you to sort through your files like never before. Looking for all text files in a
folder? Just type *.txt into the Search box and press Enter. Almost instantly you
begin to see a list of all text files in the directory you are viewing.
Looking for all Word documents that refer to a specific company or person?
Just go to your Documents folder and search for the name and press Enter.
Windows Search can look at the filenames, but it also searches the contents of
your files. This is possible because Windows Search has built-in readers for
many of the most popular file types.
As you can see, Windows Search is a comprehensive search solution
compared to the prior search options in Windows. With the addition of this new
search system comes the ability to customize searches even more than ever
before. Various search settings are hidden deep in various windows and help
you customize the way searching works for you.
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