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Customizing the Context Menu
Your changes to file launch apps are activated immediately after you click
Close to save your changes. Now you know how to ix your file associations
when apps attempt to hijack them.
Figure 9-4: Change your file associations.
Customizing the Context Menu
What is the context menu? It’s the menu that pops up when you right-click
anywhere on your computer. Over the years, these menus have become more
and more useful. However, with the extra entries in the context menu, they
can become cluttered with options and features that you just don’t need. These
next few sections show you how to get your menus back under control as well
as how you can take advantage of the new features to make your own context
menu entries.
I start off by teaching you how to remove items from the context menus and
then cover how to add and customize the menu components.
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