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Modifying the Send To Menu
Figure 9-5: WinRAR’s context menu entry in the registry is clearly labeled.
Modifying the Send To Menu
The Send To menu is one of the features of my context menus that I use the most.
The ability to right-click any file and have a shortcut of it sent to the desktop
is invaluable. How would you like to make it even more useful? It is very easy
to add your own items to the Send To menu, such as folders to which you can
send files. Do you have a folder in which you store all your music? How about
a folder in which you store all your digital photos? Just follow these quick steps
to add anything you want to your Send To context menu entry.
TIP If you do not see any of the folders that are required in this section, you
might have Hidden Files turned on. Because these folders are hidden by default,
you have to tell Windows to show all files. To do this, refer to the section on
working with hidden files toward the end of this chapter.
1. Open File Explorer.
2. Click your Windows drive and browse through Users\ Username \AppData\
3. You will see all the files that appear in the Send To menu. If you want to
add an entry to the menu, just copy a shortcut to this folder.
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