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Working with Libraries
Perhaps you want to add your Digital Photos folder to your Send To
menu. Navigate to your Digital Photos folder, right-click it, and then
select Send To Desktop. This creates a shortcut to the folder and saves it
on your desktop. Next, cut and paste the shortcut that was created from
your desktop into the SendTo folder.
If you ever want to remove items from the Send To menu, just delete them
from the Send To folder.
It is that simple. You are now finished customizing your Send To menu.
Working with Libraries
Users often have similar data stored all over their computer and across multiple
network shares. I have photos stored locally on my computer, some on one server
and more on another server. Libraries in Windows 8 enable me to view all of
my photos consolidated into just one folder where I can easily search and find
the photo I am looking for. Although the actual photo files are still located in
various folders on my computer and on two different network shares, I have
one place to go to find all my photos.
Libraries can be thought of as a consolidated view of many folders. Best of
all, these folders don’t have to be on your local computer as mentioned earlier.
Windows 8 includes a number of libraries that are set up by default for the
user folders on your computer such as Documents, Pictures, Videos, and more.
When you click the Documents library you see a consolidated view of all the
documents in your Documents and All Users folders on your computer. If you
expand the Library folder you see a list of all the folders that make up the library.
Creating your own libraries is not only possible, but also very easy to do.
Creating Your Own Libraries
Creating a library is very intuitive. Just follow these steps:
1. Open File Explorer.
On the Navigation pane you should see the available libraries listed right
below the Favorites section. Right-click the Libraries heading and select
New and then Library.
2. Type in the name of your new library and hit Enter.
3. Right-click the library you just created and select Properties.
4. Click Add as shown in Figure 9-6 and select the folder to include. Repeat
this step for all the folders you want to add to the library.
5. After you have all the folder locations added, you can change the default
save-to folder by selecting a folder and then clicking Set Save Location.
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