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Changing a Folder Icon and Picture
Changing a Folder Icon and Picture
Changing the icon that is displayed for a folder is one of the easiest ways to
customize the way a folder looks and make it stand out from the rest. This
section shows you how to change the way your files and folders look as you browse
through them by taking advantage of the high-resolution icons.
You can change the folder icon and picture within the folder properties
window. To see what you can do with these settings, create a new folder named
Downloads on one of your hard drives. You can use this folder for all downloads
so that they do not clutter your desktop. Follow these steps to change the way
this folder looks:
1. Right-click the new folder that you just created or right-click any folder
that you want to customize, and select Properties.
2. Click the Customize tab to reveal all your customizing options.
3. First, customize the icon, because that is the most popular way to
customize the look of the folder. To do that, click the Change Icon button on the
bottom of the window.
Now you will be able to browse through the list of available system icons
or you can specify your own by clicking the Browse button.
4. After you have selected the icon that you want to use, just click OK to
return to the Customize screen. Then click Apply to finalize your changes.
5. Instead of changing the icon, you can show an image if you are using one
of the larger icon views. This will display your image as if it were inside
the folder—a cool-looking effect. To do that, just click the Choose File
button under the Folder Pictures section and specify an image.
6. After selecting the image, click OK to select your change. Then click Apply
on the Customize screen to see your changes. Remember that you will see
your new image only if you are using medium icons or larger. You can
change to Thumbnail view by clicking the Views menu item.
When you are finished changing the way your folder looks, just click OK to
save your changes and exit the folder properties window.
Changing the Template of a Folder
Windows 8 uses a few different premade templates, depending on the type of
content inside a folder. For example, it has separate templates for general items,
documents, pictures, videos, and music that show relevant file properties. Each
template automatically customizes the folder view so that it looks best for the
type of content that is in it.
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