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Chapter 10
Personalizing Internet Explorer
Aside from the performance improvements that benefit everyone, Microsoft also
tweaked the interface, and improved tabs and security in Internet Explorer 10.
In this chapter, I show you how to customize these features and many more so
you can get the most out of Internet Explorer 10.
Customizing Search
The search box, first introduced in Internet Explorer 7, is improved and
consolidated in IE10 to provide a better search experience. This enables you to search
from the address bar instead of a separate search box. I show you how you
can customize the new combo address/search box to work with your favorite
search engines (instead of the Microsoft default). First, I cover the basics of this
new feature, and then I show you how you can create custom search entries to
search just about any website on the Internet that has a search box.
Adding Popular Search Engines
Before you get started customizing your search engines and developing custom
entries, it is useful to go over the basics of adding and changing the default
search engines that Internet Explorer uses. Doing so is easy. Just complete the
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