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Customizing Tabs
Figure 10-4: You can set multiple homepages for Internet Explorer
in Internet Options.
Customizing Tabs
Now that you have customized your homepages, you learn to fine-tune the tab
settings to make them work the way you work. Back in Internet Options, you
can change the way the tabs behave. You can alter the order in which new tabs
open, specify how pop-ups are handled, and even customize what happens
for various common actions. Follow these steps to get the Tabbed Browsing
Settings, and refer to TableĀ 10-2 for setting details and my recommendations:
1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Click the gear icon and then click Internet Options.
3. Locate the Tabs section on the General tab and click Settings. This loads
the Tabbed Browsing Settings window, where you can toggle more than
a dozen IE tab settings (refer to TableĀ 10-2 for setting details).
4. Click OK to save your changes.
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