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Customizing Feed Settings
Figure 10-5: Subscribe to an RSS feed with Internet Explorer.
You have now successfully subscribed to an RSS feed in Internet Explorer.
Now that you have the feed set up in IE, you are ready to configure the RSS
reader gadget that is part of the Desktop Gadgets.
Customizing Feed Settings
Now that you have your feeds set up in Internet Explorer, it is possible to
inetune the feed settings (for instance, how often the source is checked for updates,
which is a valuable setting because it determines how fresh your data is from
the feed). You can modify feed settings by using Internet Explorer again, in
much the same way that you subscribed to the feed. Get started by opening
Internet Explorer:
1. After Internet Explorer has loaded, click the Favorites star button and
then click the Feeds tab.
2. Right-click the feed you want to edit and click Properties.
3. When the Feed Properties window loads, I recommend that you go to the
Update Schedule section and select Use Custom Schedule.
4. Select a shorter update, such as 30 minutes, from the drop-down list.
5. When you have finished adjusting all the feed properties, including the
archiving settings that specify how many articles of a feed to hold on to,
click OK to save your changes.
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