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Advanced Internet Explorer 10 Features
After you have RoboForm installed, restart IE, and the new toolbar appears.
To get started using it, go to a website that you normally sign in to and ill out
the fields. When you click the Submit or Login button, you are given the option
to save the logon information. The next time you visit that site, you see a prompt
on the toolbar that shows you the button to press so that the form fields are
automatically filled in.
Advanced Internet Explorer 10 Features
Developers, performance, and security are the main focuses of Internet Explorer
10, but two major new features are for everyone. Accelerators are a new type of
browser plug-in that accelerate your web browsing when you select and
rightclick text. Instead of copying and pasting text into a Search box or an address
into a map site, you have the option to jump directly to a search for the selected
text or a map of the selected address. Pinned Sites is another useful feature of
Internet Explorer 10 that allows users to pin websites to their taskbar similar to
normal desktop applications. Support for native taskbar features such as jump
lists is included and is very helpful for websites that take advantage of the new
feature and allow you to jump directly to specific functions or pages on their
site such as posting an update for
In the next two sections I go into more detail about how these new features
work and how you can take advantage of them in Internet Explorer 10.
Using Accelerators
According to Microsoft, accelerators help you get everyday browsing tasks done
without having to navigate manually to another website. For example, you are
looking for a place to go to dinner and find the website of a good restaurant.
You don’t know where the restaurant is so you need to get directions. Typically
you would copy and paste the address into a mapping website to get directions.
Accelerators in IE10 allow you to select the address, right-click, and see a map
of the address in a small pop-up window, as shown in Figure 10-6.
The best part of accelerators is the plug-in platform. You can easily customize
your browser to add or remove accelerators.
The IE Add-ons Gallery has hundreds of accelerators available. Some of the
most popular accelerators enable you to do the following:
Map the selected address.
Search Google, Yahoo!, or Bing for the selected term.
Post the selected content to Facebook.
E-mail the selected content.
Search for a selected product on eBay.
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