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Using Pinned Sites
Translate the selected text.
Get the weather for a selected address or ZIP code.
Figure 10-6: Use IE10 accelerators to map an address.
Adding an accelerator to your computer is similar to adding more search
engines to your Search box in Internet Explorer 10. Just follow these steps:
1. Open up Internet Explorer and navigate to .
2. Navigate through the available accelerators and click the logo. Then click
the Add To Internet Explorer button.
3. On the Add Accelerator screen, click Add.
After you have customized your accelerators you can remove and change
the default by clicking the gear icon and then clicking Manage Add-ons within
Internet Explorer.
Using Pinned Sites
Some websites have embraced a new feature in Internet Explorer called Pinned
Sites that enable you to pin a website to your taskbar just like a normal
application. Not only do you get easy access to your favorite web apps, but they are also
displayed and behave differently from normal websites. The browser frame is
customized to the colors of the website and even the taskbar Jump List is
present, as shown in Figure 10-7.
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