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Figure 10-7: Pinned Sites display the taskbar Jump List.
Pinning a website is simple; just drag the website icon in the address bar
down to the taskbar. You will know you have the right website if you see the
Drag To Taskbar To Pin Site icon when you hover over it.
Not all websites take advantage of the advanced features of Pinned Sites that
Microsoft makes available for developers to use. Microsoft maintains a list of
the most popular “enhanced” websites in the IE Gallery. Head over to tweaks
.com/404889 to take a look and find some great sites to pin to your taskbar.
This chapter has been all about customizing one of the most used applications
on your computer, the web browser. Internet Explorer has been greatly improved
in Windows 8, and I hope you now understand how you can customize it to
it your specific needs. Earlier in this chapter, I showed you how to customize
the search and tab features. Then I covered the new RSS features and how to
subscribe to feeds. This chapter came to an end with some cool IE add-ons that
will help you add more functionality, such as accelerators and pinned sites.
The next chapter is all about customizing everything related to media in
Windows 8. I show you how to tweak Windows Media Player and how to build
your own media center PC using the upgraded Media Center software included
in the pro version of Windows 8.
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