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Chapter 11
Customizing Windows Media
This chapter shows you how to customize your experience by taking advantage
of some of the Windows Media features and fine-tuning how they work. To get
started, you use some great new audio enhancements to tweak how all types
of media sound on your computer.
Adjusting Your Audio Experience
The audio system has gone through a major upgrade in the kernel that is at the
heart of Windows 8. Countless new features have been added, such as the ability
to control the volume per application, as well as many others that are unnoticed
by the end user and hidden away. This section talks about those lesser-known
features and shows you how to take your audio experience to the next level. To
do this, you enable and tweak the new sound enhancements available on all
newer high-definition audio cards.
The new audio enhancements are a collection of effects that enable you to do
everything from boost the bass to optimize your surround sound using a
microphone to get the perfect setup. These audio effects are located on your output
device properties. Follow these steps to get to the Enhancements Settings tab:
1. Open the Start Screen, type Control Panel , and hit Enter.
2. Click Hardware and Sound.
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