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Bass Boost
3. Click Sound.
4. The Sound Properties screen loads. Click the Speakers playback device
and click Properties.
5. After the Speakers Properties window loads, click the Enhancements tab.
All the enhancement effects are displayed, as shown in FigureĀ 11-1.
6. Simply check the enhancement that you would like to enable. When
selected, click the Settings button to fine-tune the operation.
Figure 11-1: Windows audio enhancements are located in the Speakers
Properties dialog box.
As you can see, enabling and configuring the settings is easy to do, but before
you start using these new enhancements, take a look at the next few sections
that describe the enhancements in detail.
Bass Boost
Bass Boost enables you to pump up the bass on your speakers. You can
inetune the frequency and the level of the boost in dB, as shown in FigureĀ 11-2.
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