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Loudness Equalization
After the Calibration Wizard is finished, the Room Correction enhancement
setup is finished and becomes active immediately.
Loudness Equalization
Many different sources of audio exist on your computer and among all these
sources, the volume can vary drastically. Even within the sources, the
volume can vary. For example, if you are watching a movie in Media Center, at
times you can barely hear people talking but the background music in other
scenes is very loud. The Loudness Equalization enhancement helps solve these
problems by dynamically adjusting the volume on all the inputs so they all
sound constant.
The Loudness Equalization enhancement has only one setting, which enables
you to fine-tune the sample period. Click the Settings button to adjust it.
Headphone Virtualization
Available only on headphone devices listed on the Playback tab, Headphone
Virtualization enables you to simulate a surround sound system when using
headphones. Say you are watching a DVD on your laptop on a trip; using this
enhancement, you can enable special audio effects that simulate a five-speaker
surround sound system using only two speakers. If you use headphones often,
definitely give this enhancement a try.
Customizing Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player has not seen significant changes in Windows 8 but
the major improvements from Windows 7 remain. The interface includes the
popular mini player known as Now Playing mode, and a streamlined interface
browses through your collection of music, movies, and videos with cover art. As
with to Windows Explorer, you can customize almost the entire user interface
to your liking. The next few sections show you how you can visually tweak
Windows Media Player as well as customize the operation using some
lesserknown features. I start by showing you how to tweak the look.
Tweaking the User Interface
The user interface can be divided into two separate areas to tweak: how you
navigate and how the information is displayed. Depending on your personal
taste, Windows Media Player may be too busy for you, so you might want to
cut down on the navigation options that are displayed to make a more slim
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