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Sharing Your Library
Adjusting Views
After you have the layout of the panels set up the way you want, you can also
modify the way the information is displayed in the main pane that lists your
media. By default, the Icon view is activated. This is a basic view that shows the
album cover, title, and artist name. A Tile view is also available that adds the
year and your star rating to the screen in addition to what is shown with the
Icon view. The Details view provides the classic list view of the media.
You can modify the active view for the main panel by clicking the View
Options icon, as shown in Figure 11-5, and selecting the view.
Figure 11-5: Choose a Media Player view option.
Sharing Your Library
One of the lesser known but very useful features that I always enable when
customizing Windows Media Player is the ability to share my music library with
other computers in my home. I have a few different computers and laptops at
home that I use for development for my websites and other purposes. Instead of
loading my personal music collection onto each computer, it is much easier to set
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