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Sharing Your Library
it up on just one and then share that music library. Then, on any of my computers
also running Windows Media Player, the library is automatically discovered
and I can connect to it and listen to my music no matter what device I am on.
You have two different ways to share your music locally: through a Homegroup
that also shares files other than media, or through the Network and Sharing
Center. Homegroups are great for beginner users, but I like to do it the old
way that provides more control. I show you how to configure sharing with the
Network and Sharing Center to show that you don’t need to use a Homegroup
to share your library.
Although this feature is easy to use, it is not as simple to set up as a Homegroup.
Follow these steps to enable it on your computer:
1. Open the Start screen, type Control Panel , and hit Enter.
2. Type Media Streaming Options in the Control Panel Search box.
3. Click Media Streaming Options, listed under Network and Sharing Center.
4. Click the Turn On Media Streaming button if visible.
5. Type in the name of your media library and select which devices on
your local network you want to have access to your library, as shown in
Figure 11-6. By default, Allow All Devices is selected, so any new devices
that come online after you configure the sharing automatically have access.
6. Click OK and you are finished.
Figure 11-6: Configure your media streaming options.
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