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Using Audio Effects
Figure 11-8: Click OK on the Internet Home Media Access confirmation screen.
Using Audio Effects
Windows Media Player has a long history of supporting various third-party
audio and video plug-in effects, as well as a collection of built-in effects and
features that are often hidden to the normal user. In this section, I show you how
to turn on a few of the best built-in effects to help you customize and improve
your Windows Media experience.
Accessing Hidden Effects
The simplified user interface of Windows Media Player has limited the access
to some of the more powerful features, such as audio effects. Accessing these
effects is not as easy as it was in earlier versions, but it is not a huge annoyance,
either, after I show you the tricks.
In Windows Media Player 12 the audio effects can only be found in the Now
Playing mode. Click the icon in the lower right of the window to switch to Now
Playing mode, as shown in Figure 11-9.
When in the mini player mode known as Now Playing mode, right-click the
application and expand Enhancements. Then select the effect you want to use.
Using the various enhancements is very simple after you have them displayed.
Take a look at the few new sections for a quick overview of some of the more
useful effects to use and customize.
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