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Using Audio Effects
Figure 11-9: Switch to Now Playing mode in Windows Media Player to find the
audio effects.
Crossfading and Auto Volume Leveling
Ever wish that Windows Media Player would gradually fade out of one song
and into the next as other popular media players do? Windows Media Player
has had this feature for quite some time, but it was buried in a horrible UI so
many people never even knew it was there. Using this feature enables you to
set a custom period where the end of one song fades in with the beginning of
the new song, creating a smooth transition between songs without any dead air.
When Crossfading is selected, click the Turn On Crossfading link and drag the
slider toward the right to adjust the time the two songs will be faded together,
to a maximum of 10 seconds.
Additionally, you can turn on auto volume leveling to make sure that the
loudness of each song is relatively the same. This prevents you from having to adjust
your volume manually between songs that were recorded at different volumes.
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