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Customizing Media Center
Graphic Equalizer
The graphic equalizer enables you to play around with the levels of different
frequencies to help you make the song or video sound perfect on your specific
speaker setup. Different types of music often require unique levels of values on
the equalizer. Experiment with the different sliders or select one of the preset
equalizer settings by clicking Custom.
Play Speed Settings
Play speed settings are more of a fun feature than a customization. Still, I figure
it is worth mentioning because it can provide hours of fun for the right person
or help you fast forward through a long file. When a song is playing, slide the
slider to the right to speed up play or to the left to slow it down.
Quiet Mode
Think of this as auto volume leveling for just one song. It minimizes the
differences between the loud and soft parts within a song.
SRS WOW Effects
The WOW effect provides a 3-D sound effect that gives more depth to your
audio. This effect also offers a True Bass filter that increases bass.
Video Settings
Customize your standard video color setting here. You can modify Hue, Saturation,
Contrast, and Brightness.
Customizing Media Center
Windows Media Center is an optional component that can be installed on
Windows 8 Pro edition. The reined interface and support for many new
technologies such as Internet TV, where you can watch full-length TV shows for free,
is identical to Windows 7. Over the years, Windows Media Center has matured
into a valuable component of Windows, providing users a high-quality and
polished interface to explore all types of media from an interface that you can
control with a remote control. Additionally, Media Center in Windows 8 includes
support for Clear QAM channels (unprotected channels on digital cable) so you
can pick up your local channels for free in HD from your cable provider (local
channels on digital cable are typically unencrypted).
In this section, I show you how to customize and extend the functionality
of your Media Center. I start by showing how to turn your PC that has Media
Center but no TV tuner into a DVR by adding a TV tuner. Then, I dive into
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