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Turning Your PC into a DVR
connected to the card. Follow these steps to get your Windows Media Center
up and running:
1. Open the Start screen, type Media Center , and then press Enter.
2. If you are prompted with a setup wizard, select the Express option. You
are going to configure your card a different way. After you are on the
main Media Center screen, use the arrow keys to navigate down to the
Tasks section. Then navigate to Settings and press Enter, as shown in
Figure 11-10.
3. On the Settings screen, select TV and press Enter.
4. Select Set Up TV Signal and press Enter. At this point, you get a Tuner
Not Found error if your TV tuner hardware is not installed properly. If
this happens, make sure that you have the latest drivers for Windows 8
5. Confirm your region by selecting Yes, Use This Region To Configure TV
Services, and click Next.
Figure 11-10: Configure Windows 8 Media Center to watch TV.
6. Type in your ZIP code and click Next.
7. Click I Agree on the Program Guide Terms of Service screen and then
click Next.
8. If applicable, click I Agree on the Microsoft PlayReady PC Runtime EULA
and then click Next. Microsoft PlayReady is downloaded and installed.
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