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Turning Your PC into a DVR
9. After the TV signal detection has completed, Windows Media Center
presents a list of its findings. On my PC it said it detected Digital Cable
(ClearQAM) and Analog Cable. If your results are correct, click Yes,
Configure TV With These Results. Otherwise, click No, Let Me Configure
My TV Signal Manually and specify your setup. When ready, click Next.
10. You are guided through setting up each of your sources, where you pick
the provider so Windows Media Center knows what program guide to
provide you with. Click through the guide for each source and select your
TV signal provider. When you are finished, click Next on the TV Signal
Configuration confirmation screen.
11. Microsoft PlayReady updates are downloaded along with the TV program
guide. The TV channel scan starts automatically, and this process takes
several minutes. When it completes, click Next on the Results screen.
12. The TV signal should now be configured. Click Finish to exit and start
using your new DVR.
Your Windows Media Center is now set up. You can begin to watch TV and
set up shows to record in the guide. Now you are ready to further customize
your Windows Media Center.
Creating Shortcuts for Windows Media Center
Windows already includes shortcuts to start Windows Media Center on the Start
screen. Next, you create advanced shortcuts that enable you to jump directly to
different sections of Media Center; for example, how to make a shortcut that,
when clicked, opens Windows Media Center and goes directly to the TV Guide.
It is also possible to go directly to other sections, such as Live TV, Recorded TV,
Pictures, Music, and even Sports Scores, as shown in Figure 11-11.
This is all possible with a special /homepage command-line argument that
the Windows Media Center executable uses. First, right-click your desktop,
select New, and then click Shortcut. Next, enter one of the locations shown in
the following options, depending on what you want to happen.
Start Windows Media Center and Go Directly to TV Guide: %SystemRoot%\ehome\
ehshell.exe /homepage:videoguide.xml
Start Windows Media Center and Go Directly to Live TV: %SystemRoot%\ehome\
ehshell.exe /homepage:videofullscreen.xml
Start Windows Media Center and Go Directly to Recorded TV: %SystemRoot%\
ehome\ehshell.exe /homepage:videorecordedprograms.xml
Start Windows Media Center and Go Directly to Music: %SystemRoot%\ehome\
ehshell.exe /homepage:audio.home.xml
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