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Turning Your PC into a DVR
2. Navigate through HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\
CurrentVersion\Media Center\Service\Recording .
3. Right-click RecordPath and select Modify.
4. Enter the full path followed by a backslash (\), as shown in Figure 11-12,
and then click OK. Reboot for the settings to take effect.
The next time you record a show, the new location will be used.
Figure 11-12: Modify the location where recorded shows are stored.
Configuring Media Center to Look for Recorded Shows on a Network
Personal network attached storage devices are becoming more and more
common in the home environment. I recently purchased a 1TB NAS (Network
Attached Storage) that I use to back up all my personal documents as well as
store recorded TV shows. I have my Media Center recording shows all the time,
so the hard drive on my desktop ills up very quickly. For the shows that I want
to keep, I move the file from my record folder to a special folder on my NAS that
I have configured Windows Media Center to watch and play files from. This is
possible with a few setting changes within Media Center.
Follow these steps to configure Windows Media Center to watch for recorded
shows in locations other than the main record folder:
1. Open the Start screen, type Media Center , and hit Enter to start up Media
2. After it has started, navigate to Tasks with arrow keys and then select
Settings and hit Enter.
3. Click Media Libraries.
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