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Chapter 12: Analyzing Your System
Analyzing Your System
Have you ever wondered how fast your computer is? Sure, you may have an
Intel 2.6 GHz dual core in your box, but the CPU is not the only factor in
determining the speed of your computer. The true speed is defined by the combined
speed of all your hardware, such as the read and write speed of your hard drive,
front-side bus speed, RAM speed, and even your graphics card GPU. Microsoft
has attempted to provide users with a clearer picture of their computer’s
performance in Windows 8 with the Windows Experience Index benchmarking
tool. This chapter helps you understand your Windows Experience Index and
how to perform a more detailed analysis of the capabilities of your computer
so you can make your computer faster.
Before you can jump into improving the speed of your computer, it is
important to understand the limitations of your hardware and to identify potential
bottlenecks in your system. Using the tools discussed in this chapter, you can
run different tests that help you decide which tweaks in upcoming chapters
work best for your computer.
Monitoring Your System Hardware
Monitoring the status of your system with various tools helps you understand
what is going on behind the scenes, much the way the instrument panel of a
car gives you information about the speed you are travelling and the way your
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