Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Using the Resource Monitor
Figure 12-3: The detailed Memory section shows you how much of your memory is in use.
A useful chart at the bottom of the Memory section shows how your
physical RAM is allocated. The chart includes hardware reserved, in use, modified,
standby, and free.
Using the Detailed Disk Section
The detailed Disk section shows the read and write speeds of the various
processes running in bytes per minute, as shown in FigureĀ 12-4. The list of read
and write speeds for each process also shows the file that is in use. The Disk
bar shows the total speed of all the disk operations as well as the percent of the
time the disk is active.
These numbers enable you to see whether an application is hogging your
disk and slowing down all the other processes on your computer because it is
reading and writing so much data. This is especially useful when you are trying
to identify what your hard drive is doing when you hear it going crazy and the
hard drive read/write light seems as though it is constantly on.
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