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Using the Resource Monitor
Figure 12-4: The detailed Disk section displays information about the speed of various
Using the Detailed Network Section
The detailed Network section shows which processes on your system are using
the network, as shown in Figure 12-5. The Network Activity bar shows you the
current network speed and the percent your network connections are utilized.
Each open network connection is listed below with the name of the process using
the connection. Additionally, you will find the network address the process has
connected to as well as the amount of data sent and received in bytes per minute.
Have a slow Internet connection? Are the lights on your cable or DSL modem
going crazy? These network usage stats help you diagnose a process that is
bogging down your network connection, such as a free peer-to-peer VoIP (Voice
over IP) application. These applications can use your network connection even
if you are not on a call. Other users’ calls may be routed through your computer,
resulting in your network connection slowing down. Using the information
in the detailed Network overview, you can easily identify how much data is
transferring both ways for every process on your computer.
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