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Using Performance Monitor to Get More System Stats
Figure 12-5: The detailed Network section provides information about networks in use.
NOTE With the detailed Network overview, it is easy to find out if your
network connection has a high utilization rate by looking at the header bar. Keep in
mind that the network card in your computer usually has a greater capacity and
is capable of higher speeds than your Internet connection. If you have a 100 MB
network card in your computer and it is connected to a 10 MB broadband Internet
connection, then when your network card utilization is at 10 percent, your Internet
connection is at 100 percent utilization.
Using Performance Monitor to Get More System Stats
Performance Monitor is one of the classic features of the Performance Diagnostic
Console that has been around since Windows NT. Over the years, Performance
Monitor has been reined and is now a very comprehensive tool. In Windows 8,
hundreds of built-in monitors enable you to monitor just about every aspect
of the operating system and your hardware. If you want, you can even view
information about how fast your laptop’s battery is charging or discharging.
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