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Understanding Blue Screens
8. The last few settings are used less frequently. Here you can also specify
the Task Category, Keywords for the event, and a specific computer user
the event occurred with.
9. After finalizing the settings, click OK.
10. The Save Filter To Custom View screen pops up. Type a Name and
click OK.
After your new custom view has been generated, you can open it by
expanding Custom Views and selecting it from the list.
Understanding Blue Screens
Problems with Windows 8 do not get any more severe than when you
experience a complete operating system crash resulting in the classic Windows blue
screen. Typically caused by a device driver or hardware failure, blue screens
contain very little useful information. Windows 8 includes a redesigned blue
screen that displays even less information. However, that is not a bad thing
because all of the valuable information is located in a special dump file that
you can use to figure out exactly what happened.
Every time a blue screen happens, Windows can dump the contents of memory
to a file so that you can analyze it using various tools or even Microsoft
support. In this section I show you an easy way to analyze the crash dump file to
identify the source of your problem. First, make sure your system is configured
to save a dump file.
Adjusting Recovery Settings
Before you can analyze blue screen dump files, you need to verify your PC is
configured to create them when a blue screen event occurs. These settings are
hidden away in the Startup And Recovery section in System Properties. Follow
these steps to validate your PC is properly configured:
1. Open the Start screen, type sysdm.cpl , and hit Enter.
2. When the System Properties window opens, click the Advanced tab.
3. Under the Startup And Recovery section, click the Settings button.
4. On the Startup And Recovery window in the Write Debugging Information
section, ensure the drop-down box is set to anything except for (none). I
recommend using Automatic Memory Dump, or if you are having problems
where a memory dump file is not getting created, try the Small Memory
Dump option.
5. Click OK and you are set.
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