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Benchmarking with PCMark 7
Using and Understanding Your Windows Experience Index
Your computer’s overall score is useful for determining how your hardware
compares to other configurations. However, the main purpose of the rating is to
determine how well Windows 8 will run on your specific hardware
configuration. The Sub Ratings are the most useful for the purpose of identifying possible
bottlenecks and areas that you should investigate further. To get started, bring
up the System window for your computer:
1. Open the Start screen and type Performance Information .
2. Change the search filter to Settings.
3. Run Performance Information And Tools.
4. You now see your computer’s performance rating as shown in Figure 12-13.
If your computer does not yet have a rating assigned to it, click Rate This
Computer or Re-Run The Assessment. This starts the rating tool. Wait
a few minutes while it generates scores based on performance tests and
hardware specifications. It is best not to use your computer until the tests
have completed to ensure accurate readings.
TIP If you ever change or upgrade the hardware in your computer, you should
refresh your ratings after every change. The score will not refresh automatically.
Now that the Performance Information And Tools window is loaded and
populated, you can analyze the results. I like to see whether any of the numbers
may be holding back the overall score. For example, if all of my Sub Ratings are
between 5.7 and 7.4, except for my Gaming graphics rating, which is a much
lower 5.1, then it becomes very clear that I should concentrate on determining
whether I should buy a new graphics card. The lowest score in any Sub Rating
determines the overall score for your computer.
Depending on your results, if you get a low score in the CPU, RAM, Hard
Drive, or Graphics ratings, you should be able to determine what areas to focus
on as you explore other more detailed monitoring tools in the next section.
Benchmarking with PCMark 7
PCMark 7 Basic Edition, from Futuremark Corporation, is one of the most
popular benchmarking programs for power users. PCMark 7 has a cool online
component that enables you to view your benchmark data and compare it to
other users’ computers. Additionally, the application generates an overall score
that you can use to compare your system to other systems. The comprehensive
score that is assigned to your system is the result of numerous test results
testing various parts of your computer.
You can download a copy of PCMark 7 from .
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