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Using the Quick Boot Feature of the BIOS
Figure 13-2: The BIOS Setup screen displays the Quick Boot feature.
3. Use the Change Value keys to cycle through the options and select Enable
for the Quick Boot feature or Disable if your system’s BIOS has the Memory
Check feature.
4. After you have made the change to the setting, exit the system BIOS by
pressing the Escape key. Make sure you save the changes upon exit.
Using the Quick Boot feature or disabling the Memory Check won’t do any
harm to your system. In fact, some computer manufacturers even ship their
computers with these settings already optimized for performance. The only
downside to disabling the tests is in the rare situation in which your RAM
self-destructs; the BIOS won’t catch it, and you might receive errors from the
operating system or your system could become unstable. If you notice that your
system becomes unstable and crashes frequently or won’t boot, go back into
the BIOS and re-enable the tests to find out whether your system’s memory is
causing the problems.
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