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Modifying the Operating System Boot
I recommend you use between 2 and 5. I use 2 because that gives me just the
right amount of time to hit a key on my keyboard when the Windows Boot
Manager is displayed on the screen.
4. After the value has been updated, click OK to exit.
Now that the Timeout value has been updated, the boot menu no longer
increases your system startup time. Even though this is a simple tip, it really
helps a lot on systems that have multiple operating systems installed. The default
operating system on the Windows Boot Manager can be set in the next section.
Figure 13-3: Use the System Configuration utility to set the Boot menu Timeout value.
Setting the Default OS
In the preceding section, you learned to set a new Timeout value that cuts down
on the amount of time that is wasted before the operating system starts to load.
That works great when your primary operating system is the default; but if it is
not, you must remember to hit a key at the right moment every single boot. There
is a much better way to handle the situation. Just make your primary operating
system the default operating system in the Windows Boot Manager. This allows
you to benefit from the lower Timeout value and speed up the overall boot time.
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