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Disabling the System Boot Screen
This performance improvement works on a simple principle. It takes time for
the computer to do anything. Taking away some work the hardware has to do,
such as loading the boot screen, frees up time that it can spend loading your
system files instead.
The process for disabling the system boot screen is similar to the process for
modifying the default operating system timeout. For this change, you need to
start up the System Configuration tool:
1. Open the Start screen, type msconig , and press Enter.
2. When the System Configuration tool loads, click the Boot tab.
3. Locate the No GUI boot check box and check it, as shown in Figure 13-5.
4. Click OK to close the System Configuration tool.
5. A small window pops up and asks you whether you would like to reboot
your computer now or later. Make sure you have any open documents
closed, and click Restart.
Figure 13-5: Disable the boot screen with the System Configuration tool.
6. After your computer has restarted, the System Configuration tool may load
automatically, notifying you of the change. Check the box that says Don’t
Show This Message Or Start System Configuration When Windows Starts
and click OK.
After you close the System Configuration tool and reboot, the boot screen
is gone. You have saved your computer from doing extra work while loading
Windows 8 on your computer.
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