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Disabling Unneeded Hardware Devices
Figure 13-6: You can re-enable hardware previously disabled with Device Manager.
Which Hardware Devices Should I Disable?
Each person uses (or doesn’t use) devices differently depending on the system
setup. Nonetheless, some classes of devices are more commonly disabled than
others. Knowing which ones will help you make your decision as to which devices
you should disable. The following classes of devices are frequently disabled:
Network adapters —Especially on notebook computers, there is often
more than one network device. Disabling the network devices that you
do not use will definitely save you some booting time.
FireWire —If you have 1394 connections, otherwise known as FireWire,
you might consider disabling them. Unless you are using your FireWire
port to connect your digital video recorder to your computer, or have other
external FireWire devices, you have no need to have this device enabled.
Biometrics —Some of the latest computer hardware includes biometric
sensor equipment such as a fingerprint scanner. If you do not use these
security features, you can save time by disabling these devices, too.
Modems —Do you have a broadband connection? If so, consider disabling
your modem. If you rarely use it, why not disable it? If you ever need to
use it again, just re-enable it.
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