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Removing Extra Fonts for Speed
Table 13-1: Commonly Used Windows Fonts
The variations of this font can be found
in elements of the Windows interface.
Common font used in Microsoft Office
applications and documents.
This font is often used on web pages and
Another common web page font that is
also used in applications.
Common application font and used in
some web pages back in XP days. Some
older applications may still require it.
Common Windows font that you may
want to hold onto for application and
web page compatibility.
Times New Roman
Default font for web pages and word
processing applications such as
Microsoft Word.
MS Sans Serif
Default font for Visual Studio
applications that is now required for a lot of
legacy and newer applications.
Now that you know which fonts you should not remove, you also need to be
aware of one more thing before starting your adventure in the Fonts folder. Inside
the Fonts folder are several fonts with similar names. The fonts are broken up
not only by font name, but also by the type style. For example, there is an Arial
Bold, Arial Bold Italic, Arial Italic, and so on. When sorting through the fonts
to delete, you also can choose to delete only specific types of fonts.
Permanently deleting fonts is fairly easy, but moving the fonts to a backup
folder is a little trickier because the Fonts folder is not like a normal folder. To
remove the fonts, you need to start by creating a folder to put the old fonts in:
1. Open the Start screen and then run File Explorer. Navigate to the Local
Disk (C:) or where you have installed Windows.
2. Navigate to the Windows folder and create a folder to store the fonts that
you are going to remove from the Fonts folder. Right-click the whitespace
that lists the folder and files, select New, and then select Folder. Call your
folder Fonts Backup or some other name so that you can identify it as the
place that your old fonts are.
3. After you have created the new folder, open it.
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