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Removing Extra Fonts for Speed
4. Without closing the new folder you just opened, Open the Start screen
again and then run File Explorer. Navigate to the Local Disk (C:) drive
again and to the Windows folder, and then to the Fonts folder.
5. Now that you have both the Fonts folder and your backup folder open,
arrange the two windows on your screen so that they look like the two
windows in Figure 13-7.
Figure 13-7: Arrange the Windows Fonts folder and a backup folder side by side on
the screen.
6. Now that the two font folders are side by side, drag the fonts you want
to back up to your backup folder.
7. After you have backed up the fonts you want to delete, right-click the font
files in the Fonts folder and click Delete.
In the event that you want to reinstall a font, all you have to do is drag the
font file from the backup folder back to the Fonts folder. An Installation dialog
box lashes on the screen as it adds the font back to the library. After you drag
the file back to the Fonts folder, the file remains in the backup directory because
it just copies it there. After you have confirmed that it was actually installed,
feel free to delete the font file from the backup folder.
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