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Disabling Unneeded Services
Table 13-2
Base Filtering Engine
Provides support for the firewall, IPsec, and
filtering. I recommend keeping this service running.
BitLocker Drive Encryption
Provides critical support for BitLocker drive
encryption. Only disable if you are not using
Block Level Backup Engine
Used by Windows Backup. Disabling would
disable the backup and recovery operations of
Windows Backup.
Bluetooth Support Service
Provides support for Bluetooth wireless devices.
Disable this service if you do not use Bluetooth
devices with your computer.
Provides a local cache of a remote file share in a
branch office. Disable if you are a home user and
have not configured BranchCache.
Certificate Propagation
Utilizes certificates from smart cards. Most home
users have no use for this service.
CNG Key Isolation
Isolates cryptographic operations to protect the
cryptographic key. I recommend leaving this
service as is because it runs only when needed.
COM+ Event System
Provides event notification to COM objects. Some
applications depend on this service. I
recommend experimenting with your applications to see
whether you can disable it.
COM+ System Application
Used to configure and monitor COM object
components. Leave as manual because it is started only
when needed.
Computer Browser
Responsible for keeping the list of computers on
your network and updating the list. If you have no
need for this information, you can safely disable it
if started.
Credential Manager
Provides secure storage and retrieval of
passwords. This service runs only when needed and I
would not disable it.
Cryptographic Services
The main provider of all encryption and encryption
operations for all types of applications. It
manages private keys, certificates, and other
encryption operations. I recommend leaving this service
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