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Disabling Unneeded Services
Table 13-2
Extensible Authentication
Provides authentication support to the Wired
AutoConig and WLAN AutoConig services.
Unless you use all manual network
configurations, leave this service enabled.
Family Safety
Windows Parental Control functionality from
Windows Vista. If you never used those features,
disable it.
Provides support to send and receive faxes. No
need for faxes? Disable this service.
File History Service
Protects your personal files from accidental
deletion or changes by allowing you to go back in time.
I do not recommend disabling this service.
Function Discovery Provider
Hosts other services that search the network for
other devices such as the Media Center Extender
service. If you have no need for these services,
disable it.
Function Discovery Resource
Allows this computer and devices connected to
it to be published over the network so that other
computers on your LAN can share them. This can
be disabled but may affect usability.
Group Policy Client
Responsible for applying local and domain-based
Group Policy settings and restrictions. This
service cannot be disabled in Windows 8.
Health Key and Certificate
Manages the keys used by Network Access
Protection. Disable this if your network is not
using any sort of authentication-based access.
HomeGroup Listener
Provides basic HomeGroup client services.
Disable if you do not use HomeGroups.
HomeGroup Provider
Provides basic HomeGroup server services.
Disable if you do not use HomeGroups.
Human Interface Device
Supports Human Interface Devices (HID)
expanded functionality such as additional buttons
on a keyboard, remote controls, and more. Do not
IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying
Manages the keys used by IP Security (IPsec)
network access. Disable this if your network is not
using any sort of authentication-based network
Interactive Services Detection
Provides notification and access to interactive
dialog boxes. Do not disable this service.
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