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Disabling Unneeded Services
Table 13-2 (continued)
Internet Connection
Sharing (ICS)
When started, this service allows you to share
your Internet connection among other computers
with Network Address Translation (NAT).
IP Helper
Provides Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)
connectivity over an IPv4 network. Disable this
service if you have no use for IPv6 network
IPsec Policy Agent
Provides agent support for IPSec policies and
remote firewall management. This can be safely
disabled in most home environments but can
break any applications that use IPSec.
KtmRM for Distributed
Transaction Coordinator
This helper service aids in the communication
between the Distributed Transaction Coordinator
and the Kernel Transaction Manager. Only starts
when needed so no need to disable.
Link-Layer Topology Discover
Provides a generated network map of all
computers and other connected devices. Can be safely
disabled if you can live without a network map.
Local Session Manager
Manages your session. Windows prevents you
from even touching this one.
Media Center Extender Service
Allows Media Center Extender hardware and
software devices, such as an Xbox 360, to connect
to your computer and share the Media Center
features if installed. Disable this service if you have
no use for this scenario.
Microsoft Account Sign-in
Enables you to log in to your computer with a
Microsoft Account and other integration. I do not
recommend disabling it as the Microsoft Account
has become deeply integrated within Windows 8.
Microsoft iSCSI Initiator
Manages connections to iSCSI-connected network
devices. Disabling will remove iSCSI connection
support. This can be safely disabled for home
users and even most enterprise users. Typically
this is only used on servers.
Microsoft Software Shadow
Copy Provider
Provides Shadow Copy file operations when
needed by applications such as Explorer. Do not
Multimedia Class Scheduler
Helps multimedia applications by prioritizing
CPU loads of various system-wide processes and
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