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Disabling Unneeded Services
Table 13-2
Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service
Allows the sharing of TCP ports when the net.tcp
protocol is being used.
Responsible for the connection between the
domain controller and your computer if your
computer is on a domain. Disable this service if your
computer is not on a domain.
Network Access Protection
Primary service for supporting the Network
Access Protection (NAP) services.
Network Connected Devices
Automatic discovery and setup of specific network
devices found on your network. Devices can still
be manually added if disabled.
Network Connections
Provides you with the graphics interface to
manage all network connections. If this service is
disabled, Network & Sharing Center will not work. I
recommend against disabling this service.
Network Connectivity
DirectAccess status notification. Disable this
service unless you use Microsoft DirectAccess
to access corporate network resources.
DirectAccess is Microsoft’s variation of a SSL VPN.
Network List Service
Manages a list of networks the computer has
connected to and their individual settings and
properties. I do not recommend disabling.
Network Location Awareness
Manages a list of networks the computer has
connected to and their individual settings and
properties. This can be disabled but doing so can harm
for applications that require this, such as wireless
network configurations.
Network Store Interface
Provides notification of network interface
changes. This service is critical to network
operation, but you can disable it if you do not use a
Ofline Files
Provides file operations for the ofline files
feature of Windows Explorer. Feel free to disable this
service if you do not use it.
Optimize Drives
Increases disk efficiency by defragmenting files
on the drives. Do not disable. Disabling will slow
down your PC.
Peer Name Resolution
Allows your computer to resolve names using
peer-to-peer connections. This is required by
applications such as Windows Collaboration.
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