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Disabling Unneeded Services
Table 13-2
Quality Windows Audio Video
Provides support for audio and video streaming
over home networks with traffic prioritization.
This service runs only when it is needed by an
Remote Access Auto
Connection Manager
Automates the creation of connections when
applications attempt to access remote computers.
Remote Access Connection
Provides support for modem dial-up
connections and VPN connections made through the
Windows Networking features.
Remote Desktop Configuration
Provides all remote desktop services and session
management activities. Disable only if you never
need to remotely control your PC.
Remote Desktop Services
Provides remote desktop services a way to
connect to a remote computer and host incoming
connections. Disable only if you never need to
remotely control your PC.
Remote Desktop Services
UserMode Port Redirector
Provides the support for redirecting posts/drives/
printers across RDP connections.
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
Responsible for communication between COM
components. It is not system critical but is used by
dozens of other Windows services. I do not
recommend disabling this one.
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
A helper service for the Remote Procedure Call
service that manages connections and the lookup
of components in its database.
Remote Registry
Provides remote access to your computer’s
registry when running. It is safe to disable this service.
Routing and Remote Access
Provides network traffic routing to incoming
and outgoing traffic. This service is disabled by
RPC Endpoint Mapper
Resolves RPC interface identifiers to transport
endpoints. If disabled, any RPC services will fail.
Do not disable.
Secondary Logon
Allows you to run applications using a different
account. This is often used when it is necessary to
start a program with an administrator account. I
recommend leaving this service running.
Secure Socket Tunneling
Protocol Service
Provides SSTP support to connect to remote
computers over a VPN.
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