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Disabling Unneeded Services
Table 13-2 (continued)
Virtual Disk
Responsible for managing your drives and file
systems. Do not disable this service; it is required
for many operating system requests. In addition, it
does not run when it is not needed.
Volume Shadow Copy
Provides support for Shadow Copy hard drive data
used by backup applications.
Provides support for the WebDAV protocol for
accessing remote servers over the Internet
through Explorer. If you have no need for this
protocol, you can safely disable this service.
Windows All-User Install
Part of AppX install package support for
Windows Store applications.
Windows Audio
Provides audio to Windows 8. I do not recommend
disabling this unless you do not like audio. But
who doesn’t like audio?
Windows Audio Endpoint
A helper service for Windows Audio that manages
various audio-related hardware devices in your
Windows Backup
Part of the backup application in Windows 8 that
enables you to back up your documents and other
important data.
Windows Biometric Service
Provides applications the ability to capture,
compare, manipulate, and store biometric data.
Windows Color System
Allows other applications to configure your
monitor color settings in Windows 8.
Windows Connect Now -
Conig Registrar
Part of the Windows Connect Now feature that
lets you automate the addition of other computers
on your wireless network by saving the
configuration of one machine to a USB lash drive and then
using it to set up new PCs.
Windows Connection Manager
Provides intelligent network connection
decisions based on available connections and Group
Policy settings. I do not recommend disabling this
Windows Defender Service
The spyware protection application in Windows 8.
If you use a different anti-spyware utility, feel free
to disable this service.
Windows Driver Foundation -
User-mode Driver Framework
Supports drivers in User mode. Do not disable.
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